Meet the best midget around! Who will knock you out 

We have all heard of little man syndrome, but sounds like this little guy really will kick the s**t out of you 



  • Aiden Henry, 28, filmed shadow boxing and bragging about his fighting prowess
  • Henry also challenges pro boxer Billy Joe Saunders to a fight during boastful clip
  • Inmate was sentenced to 32 months in prison after pleading guilty to burglary

A prison inmate bragged that he was the ‘best midget around’ and threatened to ‘ ‘rape’ a professional boxer during illicit footage filmed from his cell.

Aiden Henry, 28, from London, was captured issuing vile threats, shadow boxing and boasting about his physique, by his laughing cellmate on a banned mobile phone.


Henry was jailed for 32 months for burglary 

The clip begins with Henry issuing vile threats to British middleweight boxer, Billy Joe Saunders.

Topless and smiling, he says: ‘Oi this is going out to Billy Joe Saunders, you little p********.

‘Me, rape? Nah blud. I’ll rape your b****. You little b**** fish. There’s a real killer around here.’

Then, goaded by his friend, he shadow boxes, before smiling and saying: ‘The world champion versus the little man. I’m here fam.