It’s been 10 years since the inbetweeners were on our screen but I still find it hilarious to watch.

Maybe we can all relate to a group of friends like this.

From my experience everyone has a mate like jay

Below is a selection of the greatest from its original three-year run – be warned: extremely puerile language follows.

Neil: I stopped believing in God when I realised it was just ‘dog’ backwards

Simon: Things have really changed. Girls might be about to notice us for who we really are

Jay: Well you’re f***ed then because you’re a t***



Jay: Bring your wellies, because we’re going to be knee deep in clunge

Neil: How long’s my lunch hour?

Neil [about Will’s Mum]: She’s fit!
Jay: Yeah, I’d f*** her. Wouldn’t you?
Will: Hmm well if she’s my mum, no?

: You s***ed your pants in the common room during the day when there were people around – and then your pubes fell out?


Will: Yes

Simon: I think this is way out of my league

Carly: Do you wear aftershave now?
Simon: Oh, just lynx

Jay: I got a blowjob off my cleaner

Will: Who was your cleaner? Gary Glitter?

Jay: All girls think their mates are well fit, then you meet them and they look like a pork scratching

Neil: What is Swansea? Is it an animal?

Simon: When do you ever go to London?
Jay: All the time. I went last weekend. I f***ed some girl up there.
Simon. Did you? Where was that then?
Jay: The Tower of London
Simon: The Tower of London? What did you do after? Cut her head off?

Simon [to Neil]: You just punched a fish to death


Neil: How about this one then?
Jay: Championship Manager? Completed it.
Neil: But you cant complete it.
Jay: Er, I know, But I got so good at it they offered me a role in the England set-up.
Neil: Did they?
Jay: I took Woking from the conference to the champions league in 6 seasons, that kind of stuff doesn’t go unnoticed.